Director: Karan Chavan, Vikram Patil

Cast: Amol Deshmukh & Aishwarya Sakhuja

Synopsis: Namrata is a shy, introvert teenage girl living in a small village with her mother and grandfather. She is suffering from leucoderma or vitiligo, a skin abnormality. White spots on dark skin have set her aside from others. Weird, sympathetic, penetrating ‘normal’ eye sights have made her feel guilty and embarrassed for who she is and how she looks. Each and Every day is passing in hiding, and nights are overshadowed with utter embarrassment. She is not expecting a way out of her mundane life.
One fine day a young and vibrant teacher joins her school. A fine young man with strong belief in freedom and self-pride, he creates space for Namrata to breathe freely. She finds solace in his gaze, relief in his presence. Her isolated bubble is about to dissolve in ether. Romance is kindling teenage desires.
Unfortunately, not every desire is achievable and Namrata is no exception to this rule. Too much at stake, too much to lose.
Destinations seem far away, but the journey prevails...the complexes, the taboos, the inner conflicts are about to resolve...making her in to a different being altogether.

Duration:  97 Mins


Director: Ganesh Shelar

Cast: Smita Tambe, Avishkar Chabukswar & Shrikant Mohan Yadav  

Synopsis: Gadhul is a story of relationship of a son (Rohit, 14) and his mother (Latika, 35). An incident takes place on the death anniversary of his father which takes a sinister turn, to change his relationship with mother.

Duration:  26 mins


Director: Omkar Shetty

Cast: Shashank Ketkar, Swastika Mukherjee, Neha Joshi, Atharv Padhye, Toth Barnabas & Antonete Fekete

Synopsis: Babu, a fifteen-year-old boy from a small village in Konkan (Maharashtra), has not met his mother for many years due to her work in Paris. The boy and his uncle, who is entrusted with the responsibility of taking him to his mother, start their journey to Paris, which turns out to be an unforgettable sojourn for them. Babu’s quest for his mother with the help of his uncle reveals many dimensions of human nature, feelings, and emotions.

Duration:  116 mins


Director: Amar Bharat Deokar

Cast: Yashraj Karhade, Raman Deokar, Ravichandra Dhumal, Surekha Gavhane & Anil Kamble

Synopsis:  'Mhorkya' which means 'leader,' is a coming of age story of a boy named Ashok (Aashya). Coming from a poor household, Aashya is a shepherd, with no interest in academics, whatsoever. Despite being in class seven, Aashya loves gallivanting with his herd and hates going to school.
One fine day, his friends drag him to school and eventually, he gets pulled into the Republic Day Parade practice session. As fate would have it, Aashya gets noticed for his powerful voice, and is asked to compete for the place of the leader. For this, he receives wrath from Baalya, who is the son of the Patil (leader) of the village and is competing for the same position. Aashya wants to lead the parade, but cannot come to school regularly to receive training.
'Morkhya' is Aashya's journey of not only learning the techniques of parade, but also understanding the true meaning of freedom. In his quest of finding the right teacher, Aashya received guidance from 67-year-old Gomtar Baba, who changes his perspective towards life. It is this fresh perspective that leads Aashy to receive training from schizophrenic Annya, who has served the Indian Army during the Kargil war, who is abandoned by the villagers.
Through the story of the protagonist, the narrative throws light on the significance of Republic Day. By subtly hitting upon the subjects of poverty and discrimination, Aashya's endearing journey strikes a chord with the audience, by telling them how independence and freedom should not be taken for granted!

Duration:  123 mins

Mulshi Pattern
Mulshi Pattern

Director: Pravin Vittal Tarde

Cast: Mohan Joshi, Upendra Limaye, Mahesh Manjrekar, Om Bhutkar & Malvika Gaikwad

Synopsis: A stark portrayal of the hardships faced by farmers from Mulshi region near Pune, Mulshi Pattern tackles some of the raging issues of our times. The film lays bare the deep flaws of the system which turns the farmer into a criminal and a social outcast.

Duration: 147 mins

Wedding Cha Cinema
Wedding Cha Shinema

Director: Saleel Kulkarni

Cast: Mukta Barve, Bhau Kadam, Shivaji Satam & Alka Kubal

Synopsis:  A young girl from Mumbai, aspiring to be film director and who wants to make it big, is reluctantly assigned the job to direct pre-wedding and wedding festivities in a small town, in Western Maharashtra. The story travels through the fun and joyous pre-wedding shoot till the 'much in love' couple realize the compromises and adjustments that would come along with the wedding. What follows is confusion and chaos sprinkled with emotional highs and lows, amidst preparations for the wedding. All the characters in the film are simple, genuine and without malice. It's intriguing to see, whether the big city director learns from small townies or vice versa. A light-hearted family movie, depicting how interpersonal relationships are perceived by people living in metros and big cities compared to those in smaller places and yet, the core values and emotions of caring, sacrifice, love and affection remain universal.

Duration: 137 mins

Post Mortem
Post Mortem

Director: Vinod Kamble

Synopsis: The story revolves around Gopi who is a 14 years boy belonging to a manual scavenging family. A year back he lost his father, hence the responsibility of the entire family is on his shoulders. In order to support his family Gopi is forced to drop his education and help his mother in manual scavenging jobs. Earlier in school he wins a Handwriting competition which was organised on the occasion of Republic Day. So, he is left in a dilemma between Work and Education

Duration: 25 mins

Sur Sapata
Sur Sapata

Director: Mangesh Kanthale

Cast: Upendra Limaye, Govind Namdeo, Pravin Tarde, Bharat Ganeshpure, Hansraj Jagtap

Synopsis: Tagya, Digya, Ismail, Purna, Jhampya, Parlya and Dnyana these notorious boys who love to play Kabaddi as much as they hate to study, decide to apply for the Late. Shyamrao Salvi State level kabaddi tournament. The boys who play only for the passion for kabaddi, to feel the thrill of touching the midline of the court are given an ultimatum to clear 9th grade with good marks to be eligible to apply for the tournament. Yet they fail. So the only way to get through the tournament is to reach the principal's office without anyone's notice, get the forms stamped and escape to Mumbai where tournament would take place. Though they fluently do so, they completely forget that it's not just about how you play, it's more about the discipline and sincerity. Due to which the boys end up losing in the first match and blame the defeat on each other. The friends fight for the first time. None sleeps that night. The next morning they wake up to stay strong and together. They get charged up to feel the thrilling energy of holding up the winners trophy. They decide not to go empty handed and step by step, move by move they reach the finals. On the day of final as they step into the ground, their energy doubles after seeing their principal, parents and friends cheering in the crowd for them. 'SURSAPATTA MAAR RAPATTA YACH GADYACHA KADHIN KATAA' the cheers fill in the air and showing their best performances ever boys win the match. The crowd celebrates but the boys don't look happy. They step up the stage to receive the trophy but at once they refuse . Why the boys who dreamt of this trophy day and night for the past few months, the boys who have given everything to see their school's name on the trophy after 25 years refused to receive it? To know one must watch 'Surrsapatta'...


Director: Shivaji Lotan Patil

Cast: Shripad Joshi ,Kapil Kamble ,Akash Gharat ,Deepti Dhotre, Pinky Sharma

Synopsis: Is religion Greater than life or life is greater than religion? This is the story of a one Muslim family. Their 9 months old child is suffering from Hypoxic Ischemic Enteropathy. Due to family problems he shifts his family to another house which is located in front of a Mosque. At the daily announcement of Azaan, Child cries every time & unable to sleep well. After lot of circumstances they come to know that child is suffering due to noise of loudspeaker. So Child’s, Father, his brother, respected Villagers request to Mosque’s announcer to call Azaan without loudspeaker or shift loudspeaker to an opposite direction. Mr Announcer refused to meddle in religious rules. And one day the child dies. Every person from village is shocked. While burying child in the graveyard child, father blames Mr. Announcer and tells him to stay away. Mr. Announcer goes to Mosque, and now calls Azaan without loudspeaker.


Director: Sumitra Bhave

Cast: Kishor kadam, Amruta Subhash, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Girish Kulkarni

Synopsis: Ramji is a humble iron-smith who follows the age-old Waarkari tradition prevalent in Maharashtra, where millions of pilgrims walk for a couple of weeks from the holy town of Alandi to Pandharpur, the abode of Lord Vitthal. His world comes crashing down after his only son drowns in a flooding river. Ramji is not only sad but also angry at God, to whom he has been devoted since decades. He and his friends are trying to make sense of the tragedy. By helping a troubled cow deliver a calf, life offers Ramji a chance to attain the ultimate realization that birth and death are no different from each other. Thus unfolds a tale of death and life, of grief and ecstasy - where the seeming opposites just collapse and dissolve into the oneness of being.

Miranda House
Miranda House

Director: Rajendra Talak

Cast: Sainkeet Kamat, Pallavi Subhash, Milind Gunaji, John D’Silva, Prince Jacob, Ajay Vaidya

Synopsis: Set in the picturesque Goa, MIRANDA HOUSE is an on-the-edge thriller which keeps you guessing till the very end. An intriguing story of murder and revenge, the story plays out as a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns in plot and texture. A triangular story of Samar, Priya and Vikram-in which their positions keep changing fast and furiously as though in a game of chess. You never know who is the queen and who is the pawn, what is true and what is false. To top it all, there is always the BIG BROTHER watching, adding to the intrigue. Who wins in the end? Who is playing whom? Or is there a larger hand of the BIG BROTHER making them all dance to his tune? You will find the answers to all these in MIRANDA HOUSE.


Director: Addinath M. Kothare

Cast: Addinath M Kothare, Rucha Vaidya, Subodh Bhave, Rajat Kapoor, Girish Joshi

Synopsis:  1998: Nagdarwadi, an arid village in Nanded district, Maharashtra. As the year progressed into the month of October, most of the wells in the village would start drying up, forcing the villagers to trudge three kilometres into the neighbouring village of Ramnewadi for water. When the summer intensified into severe draught, several families would leave the village towards the cities in search of livelihood. Balaji Kendre, one of the few well educated youths in Nagdarwadi heads the watershed development project initiated by NABARD in the Marathwada region. Ironically, he is unable to implement the project in his own village because of the simple fact that the villagers would never unite for the collective cause. Balaji’s younger brother Hanumant alias Babu is an educated and feisty youth whose matrimonial alliance has been fixed with a girl in distant relation. Babu has fallen in love with Suvarna at first sight and most likely, Suvarna feels the same about him. Meanwhile at the insistence of his boss, Balaji must execute the water conservation project in Nagdarwadi. He hopes that Babu would take the lead in bringing the villagers together. However Babu, already disillusioned by the village dynamics, flatly refuses. Just then Suvarna’s parents back out of the marriage proposal on grounds that their daughter would have to suffer in a draught affected place like Nagdarwadi.Not wanting to lose Suvarna at any cost, Babu decides to leave the village. Yet, deep down in his heart he knows he is the only person who can rid the village of water shortage for good. He manages to meet Suvarna and expresses his dilemma but gets no clear answer from her. After much internal conflict Babu decides to stay in Nagdarwadi to carry the project through.What follows is Babu’s intense struggle to unite the villagers in the face of sabotage by local political forces and even threat to life. When Suvarna sees his efforts she promises to wait for him. The project steadily progresses and the transformation of the village becomes evident. Meanwhile Suvarna’s parents fix up another alliance for her. Babu implores them to give them both a chance. Finally Suvarna’s father agrees to give him a month’s time to bring water to Nagdarwadi. As their relentless efforts have not yielded results, the villagers’ faith in the project as well as in Babu has waned. At this point, Suvarna stands behind Babu and spurs him to continue his race against time. Inspired by her faith in him, Babu once again takes up his fight against himself, the villagers and opponents to finally triumph as he strikes water in Nagdarwadi.


Director: Makrand Mane

Cast: Rinku Rajguru, Shubhankar Tawde, Shashank Shende

Synopsis:  The film is about the tender budding love of youth amidst new change in Political power struggle around them.  Rani  is a bold intelligent and well-cultured girl who is in love with Yuvraj, a courageous upcoming politician and an ardent admirer of Guruji, Rani’s father. Guruji is a prominent figure in the politics and an idol for many prospective and budding politicians. On one hand, Rani is eyeing future with Yuvraj and on the other hand Guruji is chasing his dream of political supremacy and power. Kaagar marks the hopeful journey of Rani, Yuvraj and Guruji.


Director: Raju Parsekar

Cast: Pritam Kagne, Rohit Sawant, Priya Berde, Pramod Pawar, Nutan Jayant, Nisha Parulekar, Amol Kagne, Milind Oak, Sandhya Manik, Divya Shinde, Saurabh Ponkshe, Subash Shinde

Synopsis: Ahilya is the second daughter among three daughters of Rajaram Patil who was a retired constable and lived in a village in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. Laxmi - Ahilya’s sister who is two years elder to her; has enrolled for a computer course, whereas the younger sister Rani is studying in Junior College. Constable Rajaram Patil was an honest policeman. He could not afford the hospital expenses required for the medical treatment of his unwell wife and consequently she passed away. Nor could he build a house of his own for his daughters. Ahilya had to quit college while she was in the final year and had to join the police department as constable in order to retain the government accommodation. She appears for the final exam through open university while working in the police department. Ahilya is serving the nation honestly by working in the police department in spite of bearing financial burden as her father’s pension is never received on time plus she has to take care of her sisters’ and her own educational expense. Ahilya does not wish to simply do her job for a living but also intends to serve the people and fight for truth & justice. Ahilya appears for the Maharashtra Public Service Commission Examination while working and secures the first rank in the State. She goes to the Maharashtra Police Academy in Nashik for training as Deputy Superintendent for a year. There, she meets a young trainee – Bajirao Shirke. She becomes friends with Bajirao and they both complete the year-long course and return as Deputy Superintendents of Police in Kolhapur. While working as Deputy Superintendent of Police in Kolhapur; Ahilya appears for the Union Public Service Commission Examination and secures the first rank in Maharashtra State and becomes an IPS officer. She completes her IPS office training from Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad and joins as Superintendent of Police in Kolhapur once again. She continues her fight against justice and truth. Her father, her boyfriend Bajirao and sister Rani support her in this struggle. Fighting for truth and justice has its consequences! It is inevitable that even Ahilya bears the brunt. She is suddenly transferred to the Naxal infested area of Gadchiroli to face the Naxalites. Does she succeed in this fight? Will she be able to fulfil the goals that she has set in life? The answers to these questions will be sought by watching the film ‘Ahilya – the lone fight’.


Director: Sandeep Modi

Cast: Swanand Kirkire, Sangram Desai, Sahil Jadhav

Synopsis:  Chumbak is a coming-of-age story of a 15 year old table-cleaning waiter-boy in Mumbai, Baalu who is on the crossroads of his aspirations and morals. Baalu dreams of escaping this wretched life with a small little business of his own, a little sugarcane juice stall near his village’s public Bus-Stand. Having exhausted all means, a desperate and broke Baalu along with his street-smart friend Dhananjay a.k.a Disco make a plan to put together the money with the only way they can think of - the infamous ‘Nigerian SMS Scam’. But, of the hundreds expected to respond to his text messages, no one but one man falls for it, a simple poor mentally slow villager called Prasanna. Caught between his guilt and conscience of fleecing such a man and the greed to fulfill his ambitions, Baalu will now have to make a choice. Chumbak is the story of these choices for Baalu that shall shape his life.


Director: Gajendra Ahire

Cast: Gurbani Gill, Alok Rajwade, Mrinmayee Godbole, Ashwini Giri, Lia Boysen

Synopsis:  Molly is walking through the beautiful streets of Sweden In her bag are letters from her father which are her only means to get to him. These letters contain the story of his life’s trials and the pain of all those like him who cross the boundaries of their lands for their livelihood and to follow their dreams. It is the story of those who had to leave behind all that was dear to them. Molly had last seen her father when she was just 5 years old. Now after finishing her studies she has come to look for him. This is the story of Molly’s search and discovery.

Dombivli Returns
Dombivli Returns

Director: Mahendra Teredesai

Cast: Sandeep Kulkarni, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Hrishikesh Joshi, D. Santosh, Amol Parashar, Trushnika Shinde

Synopsis: The middle class of the country often prides on teaching their next generation how sometimes earning lot of money is way to rotten relationships, unhappy state of mind and inflated sense of self. To a point where GenX become nauseous to the idea of earning money. The ego of middle class man revolves around the motto that: ‘He do not care for money’ A simple, Maharashtrian, middle class gentleman Anant Velankar, raised with similar values, once stumbles upon a chance to hit a jackpot. While he is still prodding over this idea, it simply slips away from his hands. But later on the same possibility confronts him in stark daylight. At first, this sudden flow of cash enchants him, but soon after, not only him but also his wife, brother and daughter start reaping the joys from this unexpected huge amount. Soon the comforts starts turning into thorns, which startles Velankar back into reality, but until he wakes up from his sweet dream lot of water has flown under the bridge. All the exit passageways have been blocked by now. On Velenkar’s retrospection of  this chapter of his life, he  realizes he has lost battle to himself, he stands up and collects himself and decides to move back to his roots. But is he successful in this profound journey?? Dombivli Return beautifully tracks a journey of one man, where every (such) man where every middle class person can see his own reflection.

Khatla Bitla
Khatla Bitla

Director: Paresh Mokashi

Cast: Jyoti Vaydande, Abhijit Pawar, Ashwini Nimbkar, Pravin Dalimbkar, Suhas Paranjpe, Devendra Pem, Mangesh Kadam, Anand Ingle, Sunil Abhyankar

Synopsis:  The police raid a small town lodge on a tip off on illegal activities; instead catch two suicide attempts. The man and the woman caught in action are now awkward and in denial. Irritated, the police take them to ‘extra special, extra fast track court’. Absurdity in full swing as police tries to find evidence of the crime in buffalo and earthworm excretions!


Director: Shekhar Bapu Rankhambe

Cast: Pramod Rankhambe, Aditya Ram Khambir, Chandrbhaga Chokha, Govind Shendage, Jagannath Rankhambe

Synopsis:  A 12 years child receives 1 religious pamphlet which mandates circulation of copies of the same to avoid misfortune. But the child does not have money to print the copies of the same. As he cannot follow the same, he develop a tremendous fear. This film is about, ‘how this fear transform a child who was once ready to compete with moon to a mentally handicapped child’.