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Vinsan is proud to be the first ever institution in Goa to offer professional learning opportunities for the “Creative & Entertainment” industry. We are not just the first but also a very fertile ground for those who wish to pick up the tricks of the trade and grow constructively.

Our other domains of business contribute in providing ample opportunities for our learners to get practical real life experience of working for the industry during the course itself.

We aim to create assets who shine with excellence and offer the best work the consumers deserve.

1-year certification course in professional Film Making
Filmmaking is a vast and difficult industry to get into. But we believe, with proper learning you can acquire the talent and skills required to break through the barriers, and we are here to deliver you just that.

Short term certification courses in Creative Editing.
The entire creative as well as entertainment industry relies on skilled professionals who have the knack for turning stones in diamonds. Static or motion, all kinds of media require fine tuning or editing to bring as close as possible to the maker’s imagination. We enable you by offering the tools & skills you need to excel in the industry as professionals.

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