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Capri Qleen
Advanced Hand

The market has plenty of hand sanitizer products, but what sets the Capri Qleen apart from the rest is the pleasant appeal and luxurious feel that it offers. Now available on our website as well as your nearest convenient store.

Capri Pro

Over the last year, we have learnt the vitality of a good quality mask to protect ourselves from the ongoing pandemic. Keeping that in mind, Capricorn has come up with an option that is not only safe, but also stylish & comfortable. These masks can also be customized with brand logos or slogans.

Custom Brand

Capricon Engineering Services offers a merchandising facility that delivers our premium Capri Pro Masks, with your brand logo. Get your Custom Brand Masks today.


Capricon Engineering implements the use of a special composition that works as a protective layer against all kinds of viruses. The basic principle is to kill the virus instantaneously by making it impotent as soon as it comes in contact with our protective layer. This stops the spread of viruses & makes your premises safe & hygienic for up to 30 days. We have been actively delivering our services for corporate, small & medium business, residential & private premises. Our service also extends to your cars, shops & your outdoor area as well.

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